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About Us


My name is Amy and I have a tracheotomy. I suffer from Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis. My Doctor said without the tracheotomy I could die if my vocal cords swell. It was only by the Grace of God my doctor knew to perform the tracheotomy, allowing me to breathe again. I will not allow myself to stop trying to be the best I can be, and to live as normal life as I can. Every time I would go out people would stare at me with the old medical trach tie. I always had to find clothes that didn't have collars. I knew I had to find something that would allow me to look good, feel good and that would be comfortable also. Now with my new trach ties, people ask me what is it and where did I get it. I can live life a little easier because I feel better about the way I look. Not looking disabled, but pretty, while having a real accessory to my outfit. This is why I created Amy’s Trach Ties, so others can enjoy the comfort and confidence that I do. Amy's Trach Ties can be changed out in less than a minute so every day I can have a new look. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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